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About Tamelia

[featured_box title=”What we are all about”]Tamelia strive to produce and supply a fabulous range of beautiful products for both adults and children.
Our inspiration is the beautiful side of South Africa which we hope to interpret with fun illustrative designs for young and old.
We have also found some beautiful and quirky designer ranges to  distribute in South Africa which include the highly  successful UK brand Tyrrell Katz and their adult range Nicky James. [/featured_box]

[bold_title]Tamelia Team[/bold_title]


Designer & Logistics

 Having worked in the design industry for many years, we thought it would be great to develop our own range and so Tamelia was started. I love the clean Scandy designs but it has to be quirky as well as life is far too short. 


Designer and Admin

The Virgo side of me would love to have everything neatly sorted and running like clock work, but the distracting creative side of me sabotages this dream from time to time. 

Gnaw Bit

Head of Security

Although he is very demanding, he takes this important position to heart and is on the job 24 – 7.

[bold_title]What we promise[/bold_title]
[our_services image_url=”” title=”Service”] The worst thing for us is bad service. This is why we try to hold stock of all our lines and if there is anything we are out of we will let you know and keep you updated when it is back. If you have any questions we are very happy to answer them by phone or email and will endeavor to get back to you quickly. With regards to shipping we usually use couriers unless you are based in an outlying area and you would prefer we send by Post Office to reduce costs. You are also very welcome to use your own courier[/our_services]

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[our_services image_url=”” title=”Quality”] We pride ourselves in the high quality of our ranges and we know you will appreciate that as well. All material and finishes used are chosen by us to be durable and beautiful. As with everything there is always a chance that a fault slips past our quality control and if this happens then we will of course replace your item as quickly as possible at our expense. [/our_services]

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